• I am able to play enstars events for people if they need (eg. need to sleep, work, in general are busy). I will typically make a post on the last day of an event to see if anyone who is ranking needs someone to look after their account for them, but I can look after them at any time if I'm not busy. Being in Australia makes it good if anyone in the US/Europe needs to sleep.

    If you need me just send a dm to see if I'm busy ^-^
    I dont want to say who I have helped in the past in case they don't want that, but you can always just go back through my tweets or something and figure it out. But here the events I have helped people with: 3 copies of Choc Fest 2 Nazuna 2 and 3 copies of Athletics Souma (for 2 people) ~but in the end~~it didnt even matter~